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We create nautical anchor bracelets keeping you

Anchored to your dreams


 Waterproof accessory brand that never compromises quality or beauty.

Born on the island of Hönö, Sweden, in 2012.
Our philosophy is built into every piece we make ...


 “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

It's therefore our duty and honor to support organisations that care for the earth and our oceans. 
$1 per sold item is donated to the world's leading environmental organizations; World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace, who work hard to protect our planet so we can safely pass her on to future generations.


All items in our collection are 100% waterproof. Whatever you wear, you can shower, swim and sail in.

Our nautical bracelets are made of quality material, so they're something you can enjoy and wear where ever you go. No need to take your bracelet off for a swim in the ocean or a day out with the boat, they're meant to withstand salt water.

After all Maris Sal is Latin for sea salt … 


 Maris Sal Moments

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